A generative AI governance framework that you can rely on.

Harness the power of generative artificial intelligence while ensuring that your data, your company, and your people stay safe.

Manage risks associated with generative AI

Maintain compliance and manage risk related to artificial intelligence with a robust, action-oriented governance framework.

Leverage powerful benchmarking data

Through robust analytics and powerful benchmarking data, we can generate a risk management plan tailored for your business.

Find a framework internationally

The framework is currently available in 12 languages with more translations underway. No matter where your team is located, we have a framework available for you.

Maintain continuous improvement

Leverage key controls for risk montoring in conjunction with benchmarking data and expert consultants to ensure you appropriately manage risk as the world of generative AI continues to evolve.

Trusted by organizations worldwide.

We diligently developed a framework that you can trust. See what individuals at these organizations say about the framework.


We find ourselves in a new and exciting time when it comes to AI and its current and prospective effects on society and business. Conceptualizing a coherent way for organizations to approach AI governance in the wilds of this rapidly developing environment becomes crucial. I see this effort as a significant and important step forward in this vital space, and I commend the authors as insightful early movers!

Douglas F. Prawitt, PhD, CPA
Director of Brigham Young University School of Accountancy and Lead Director of COSO Board

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